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Hours and Days and Years and Ages


We sang this hymn in church this morning. I think both the lyrics and music are beautiful, and so appropriate for New Year's Eve.

Hours and days and years and ages,
Swift as moving shadows flee;
As we scan life's fleeting pages,
Nothing lasting do we see.
On the paths our feet are walking,
Footprints all will fade away;
Each today as we enjoy it
Soon becomes a yesterday.

But from sin your mercy drew us,
Would not leave our souls alone.
Gracious Lord, you did renew us;
In Christ's death we are your own.
Through the mercy of your leading,
Each short step along our way
Now becomes a path to guide us
To the land of endless day.

Though swift time keeps marching onward,
It will not decide our end.
You will always be our Father,
Loving God, eternal Friend.
When life's dangers overwhelm us,
You will ever be our stay;
Through your Son you are our Father,
Always changeless, come what may.

Speed along, then years and ages,
With your gladness and your pain.
When our deepest sorrow rages,
God our Father will remain.
Though all friends on earth forsake us
And our troubles still increase,
God with his right hand will take us
To our ever lasting peace.

(Psalter Hymnal, p.443)

Photos: Winter Night


I dug out the tripod tonight and made a feeble attempt to capture the magic of our neighborhood under a deep blanket of snow.

Skiing at Winter Park


A snap, mid-morning decision to go skiing during the notoriously busy holiday week between Christmas and New Years turned into a great afternoon of fun.

Video: Rachel Sledding


My sister, Rachel, and nephew John, came to visit in November. Rachel had never been sledding before, so we drove into the mountains to find some early snow. We captured Rachel's first sled ride ever on this video.

Les's Trophy


Beth's dad, Les, shot a really nice PA buck this year.

2006 In Review


This is the first post in the Survance family weblog, with some of our favorite photos from 2006.

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