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Skiing Photos: Winter Park and Snow Mountain Ranch

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Warning: This post is a shameless attempt to entice family and friends who haven't been out here for a while to get out here and pay us a visit.

My mom and niece were here from FL this week so we took off for the mountains. We skied at Winter Park and stayed in a cabin at Snow Mountain Ranch, a YMCA facility like none other, where the kids enjoyed tubing and a craft program, but mostly just eating, reading, and playing board games in front of the fireplace.

Click here to view a slideshow of photos from our family getaway.

Fun in the Snow

Tree Skiing: The Road Less Travelled


Our family loves downhill skiing. Three of our four kids can now ski anything that Beth and I can ski and we enjoy exploring all types of terrain, including moguls and trees.

Skiing in the trees is a relatively new experience for us, and I'm feeling especially smug because over the course of this season I've gone from fearfully following the rest of the family - who no doubt have an unfair advantage with their shorter skis and lighter weights - to skiing tree-gladed runs with only a slight sense of terror and awareness of the brevity of life.

Fresh Powder

Tree skiing is great for two reasons:

  1. Powder. The snow that falls in the pines is protected from wind and sun. This means that it will remain light and powdery long after the snow out in the open has turned to wind-blown crust or freeze-thawed ice. (OK, I'll admit it. Ice is a true rarity in CO skiing unless you're trying to extend the season into May or June.)

  2. Peace. Beginners don't (intentionally) ski in the trees, and many accomplished skiers simply prefer cruising on groomed runs. Many great tree runs aren't runs at all. You just dive into a patch of pines, keep your skis generally pointed downhill and ski toward daylight. All this means that skiing in trees is an uncrowded, peaceful experience.

I'm hooked. And fortunately, Beth and the kids are too.

In the Trees

Slideshow: Another Floridian Learns to Ski


An Evening in Manhattan

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I visited my company's NYC offices this week. Our offices and my hotel are both in the Rockefeller Center and since I was dining alone I decided to forego my usual quest for wonderful cuisine and settle for average food with a great view. So I ate at the Rock Center Cafe with a rink side view of the famous skating rink. The view was great and the food was actually quite good.

I like NYC more every time I visit there. It's especially fun when I'm with friends from work who know all the great restaurants that are tucked away in neighborhoods that seem to attract none of the mid-town tourists, but have a warm comfortable atmosphere with great food, like the grilled octopus at Uncle Nick's.

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