An Evening in Manhattan

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I visited my company's NYC offices this week. Our offices and my hotel are both in the Rockefeller Center and since I was dining alone I decided to forego my usual quest for wonderful cuisine and settle for average food with a great view. So I ate at the Rock Center Cafe with a rink side view of the famous skating rink. The view was great and the food was actually quite good.

I like NYC more every time I visit there. It's especially fun when I'm with friends from work who know all the great restaurants that are tucked away in neighborhoods that seem to attract none of the mid-town tourists, but have a warm comfortable atmosphere with great food, like the grilled octopus at Uncle Nick's.


What a beautiful picture, makes me miss our 'ole stomping grounds!

Thanks so much Kevin for setting up the HSBA/C Alumni blog roll site, it's been so much fun to connect to old friends.

The newest "Torch" tells all about you and Beth and the blog roll, didn't know if you were on their mailing list and knew that.

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