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New York City


View from the Empire State Building. You can find all of our NYC photos here.

NYC Public Library: Reading Room


We got caught in a rain storm and dove into the nearby NYC Public Library. I'll confess that we probably would not have made it here if the weather would have stayed clear, but we were amazed at the grandeur and beauty of the library and surprised to find a Gutenberg Bible on display. You'll find more photos here.

Evening in Central Park


Beth and I recently enjoyed a delightful September weekend in NYC. We strolled through Central Park one evening and I snapped this photo along with a couple of others.

MMA - Arms and Armor Center Hall


We ended our evening walk in Central Park at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, commonly called "The Met". A friend had recommended the Arms and Armor exhibit, which turned out to be stunning. This picture shows five horsemen (15th century?) in full plate armor. You can view some more of our photos from the Met here, but they don't begin to capture the drama of this display.

Rocky Mountain National Park


We recently had some fun climbing on the rocks in the Alluvial Fan Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park. These boulders were hurled down from the upper ravine during a flood a few years ago.

Every year in October, hundreds of elk appear in the valley at the base of the falls.

You can see more of these photos here.

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