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Samaritan Aviation


We recently spent a day with Gary and Leann Bustin in Montrose, CO during our recent road trip to Salt Lake City. Gary and Leann are good friends and incredible hosts. Gary is co-founder of Samaritan Aviation, a Christian ministry dedicated to charitable aviation and Christian missions. They are currently setting up an aviation base in Papua New Guinea where they will fly float planes to remote villages with medical and spiritual relief.

You can see more photos from our visit with Gary and Leann here.



We visited Arches National Park, near Moab UT on the way back from Salt Lake City.

Arches is beautiful and we wished we had more time (and some ATV's). We'll definitely go back again if we get the chance.

You can see more photos from our time in Moab here.

Hanging Lake


Hanging Lake is found at the end of a 1.2 mile hike that climbs 1020ft from the Colorado river in Glenwood Canyon. The trail follows a stream that provides a rushing backdrop of scenery and sound while you climb.

The lake itself is crystal clear and trout can be spotted in it.

You can see more photos from our hike here.

In the Movies


Our family traveled to Salt Lake City in June to participate as extras in a Crown Financial Ministries film production. The production was actually a series of short 9-10min films depicting key scenes from the Bible. Although a small production by Hollywood standards, it was the real deal and an experience our family will never forget. Thank you Stan Reiff and Chuck Bentley for allowing us to have this unforgettable experience.

You can see many more photos from our movie experience here.

Big Rock


I was taking pictures out the window yesterday with Beth's iPhone while she drove. I even posted a couple to our blog from the car. I guess that makes me an official "moblogger".

Snow in June


We drove through some snow showers yesterday in the high mountain passes. Some places had 5 inches last night. Yet we all got sunburns today in Montrose, CO, where it was 80 degrees.

Green Pastures


It's remarkable how diverse the landscape is in Colorado. These sheep are grazing a lush pasture along the Colorado River, which is bursting with runoff from a massive snow pack this year.

Glenwood Canyon


This road is an engineering marvel. The canyon is a marvel of God's creation.

Cool Kid


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